Joy David


Loxone Business School

So we are able to provide complete accountability for a project from concept to conclusion, we offer construction.  We feel that you cannot guarantee every step of a project is 100% as is should be, unless you’re there 100% of the time.  Offering construction is the only viable way to achieve this.


Here’s a New One: Prefab Home Automation!

We specialise in detailed design and co-ordination of all controls, mechanical and electrical services, we will project manage, design or consult on any element of a project to ensure everything from architectural design, to surface finishes work with everything behind the scenes to provide a beautiful, functional and energy efficient project.


A Typical Smart Home Project

Would you like to control your lighting, heating, cooling, audio, security or garden features from you tablet, phone, or other mobile device?  We can make you house appear completely normal, but make it all intelligent and remotely controllable, or you can go the whole hog, and have touch panels instead of light switches or remote controls.  We specialise in Loxone.